FWCWT Education

We held a bowl-turning class for the boy’s youth group at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Bob Winter, Wayne Dawson, and a few others had the opportunity to teach a few young men (plus club member and youth group leader Grant Corrigan) some bowl making skills on our club’s lathes.

By the end of the night, the students had each turned their own bowl, and we had the pleasure of knowing that some of our woodturning knowledge had been passed on to the next generation.

We have plans to hold a pen-making class at the Church for their middle-school age kids this summer during the summer camp. If you are interested in taking a day to help tutor pen-turning, please let us know.

We have sponsored weekend hands-on workshops at the Dunedin Art Center.

Craft Shows/Art Festivals
Our club participates in local craft shows where our club members display and sell their work.

The FWCWT demonstrated our SPRING/POLE LATHE
at the Pinellas County FOLK FESTIVAL
at Heritage Park in Largo

This annual celebration featured traditional Florida folk music, storytelling, and pioneer crafts performed by skilled artisans.

Volunteers from FWCWT demontstrated this pioneer-style spring/pole lathe to curious onlookers, recounting the methods and practices of woodturners from long ago.

The Pole lathe was designed and built by club member Steven Marlow, based on historical drawings. It will be used as a means to educate the public about the history and traditions of the woodturning craft.

Club Members busily pumped the treadle (foot pedal), telling stories to the eager and responsive festival-goers, as they created a handful of turned objects in the traditional style of the pioneer days.

Our small table of turned objects – some done on the pole lathe and some turned on modern lathes from club member’s private collections – drew a great deal of attention and admiration.

How did you make this?” and “I’d love to learn to do this” were comments heard throughout the day from onlookers.

Members of FWCWT regularly help out and mentor at evening “Personal Enrichment” classes at CLEARWATER HIGH SCHOOL WOODSHOP

Clearwater High School Woodshop (Personal Enrichment Class registration 727-469-4190) is held every Wednesday evening, during regular school session, from 6:00PM-8:00PM.

There is a nominal fee of $2.00 per class hour, approximately 30 class hours (15 classes) per school session. Classes are prorated for those individuals who have registered after the school session has begun. There is no formal instruction, but the woodshop teacher is available to help you with your project, or show you how to use the equipment.

There is no attendance requirement, you can arrive or leave at anytime, or not at all.

The woodshop is fully equipped, well lighted, air-conditioned, and has an awesome dust collection system. The woodshop has 12 Jet Mini lathes, 2 large professional lathes, 12 chucks, and 12 chisel sets.